Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scrapping Cents

Stamps don't always have to be bought...let's look at 'found' or made stamps, this week.

First, look around at everyday objects. The bottoms of cups and bottles will make great round stamps...for ink or paint. I have a square candle holder and children's wooden blocks...more great shapes. Imagine making your own patterned!

Also, consider making your own stamps. fun foam is super cheap...and easy to cut. If you have a die cut machine-like a can make stamps in the shapes of all your favorite dies. Just cut, ink and stamp! If you don't have a die cut machine, consider hunting the internet for simple, graphic images- coloring pages are great for this. Then print them off, and use them as a template.

Last idea-- consider looking around for 'texture stamps'...things you can imprint texture from. Sponges, make up brushes, even wadded up yarn dipped in ink and pounced on your paper can make the niftiest effects. Be creative...and have fun!!

Scrapping Cents Sightings:

BL is having some killer deals. McGraw Hill punches are making it to some BL- at $4 a punch. These are the big ones that are still in HL for $20. Also, some great alterable items at great prices.

HL continues its killer reset...BG roller tools, Nestabilities, and Grungeboard have even been seen. AWESOME!

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ScraPerfect said...

I wanted lots of buttons on my "Cute as a Button" I glued real buttons to corks (for a handle) and it worked great!

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