Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can We Help?

This was from the May issue of SNR. I was trying to show how easy it is to create backgrounds using your stamps. Even the little dollar stamps that so many of us buy and then don't know how to use, can be used to create wonderful backgrounds. The brown and the green strips are examples of this. In this case, I also made my own ebbossed paper by embossing all of the stamped images, as well. So easy to do, yet is adds such great texture to the final project.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scrapping Cents

I saw the best tip...this is from fellow SNR staffer Lucy Chesna:

Make your own Stickles

What you need:
Clear craft lacquer ( aleene's paper galze, ranger glossy accent or judi kins diamon glaze)
Glitter ( any color )
toothpick or brush to mix
Mixing container
mini bottles- empty eye dropper bottles cleaned out and ready to put in your stickles

In your empty container mix equal parts clear lacquer and glitter. Mix with a toothpick or brush
Add more glitter if it's too runny or more clear lacquer if it's too thick.
It should be the consistency of glitter glue (or thinner if you want to cover a large area)
Then when you done , use your syringe and suck it up and put it into your bottle.
You are done and repeat the steps for any color of glitter you want to use

Such a great tip!! For more awesome ideas and information, be sure to join us on the SNR forums. We are a wonderful group of scrapers who love to chat and share ideas, inspiration, and smiles. And you are very welcome!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hi, thanks for hopping in. Aw, come on! You know I couldn't resist. I got some new Apple Blossom Studio stamps to play with- and they are so perfect. The green matting on this card is one of the new journal stamps. I love finding different ways to use these treasures! The frog is one of my favorites from Whimsy Stamps.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Evening Snack

Pulling from the stash a bit, but this was a perfectly summery one, so I thought I would share. This was made with a stash of Bo Bunny Paper I had been saving- and I loved the somewhat grungy look.

Want to make flowers like this? It is is simple. Cut your paper into rough circles of graduated sizes. They down't need to be perfectly round, in fact, they look better if they are not. Then, take an edge distresser, or a pair of scissors, and rough up the edges all the way around. A few tears will add to the look. Now, take the circles, and crumple them up into a ball. Open them, but don't flatten them out. Stack, add a button, and your done. Easy, and a great way to get custom flowers for your project.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Flower For You

Lizzie Anne Stamps were one of the sponsors of our last event- and I fell in love with these stamps. These are deeply etched red rubber, and leave the nicest, crisp impressions. The paper for this is Cosmo and Prism.

Here's a little tip for you: I left the tag blank on this, so that I could fill it in later. Having a small stash of all occasion cards, like this, can be really handy for those events that just seem to pop up.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Isn't this a fun and cheery card? I made this for the SNR Spring into Summer Event- and it is all Cosmo. Isn't this the perfect card for a warm summer day?!

Want to see something else that is fun? Head on over to Scrapbook News and Review- we have just launched an all new site- and it is too cool!! There are all kinds of great new features, a new interface, an more new bells and whistles are on the way. Everything you have always loved about SNR- souped up!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blog Love

So, I gave my blog some love today- it was time, don't ya think? If you are in a blog reader, take a moment to click on the site and see the changes. I think they are fun. :-)

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Is there anything as soothing as a kitty all snuggled in for a nap? I love it, just instantly relaxes me...or makes me completely jealous, lol. I made this layout for the Scrapbook News and REview Spring into Summer Event. While there is some great chipboard and patterned paper from our Sonsor- Cosmo was our other sponsor Prism that formed the bulk of this layout. I had never worked with Prism before, and since I am extremely picky about my cardstock texture, I was a ;little nervous to try them. Wow!! Was I ever suprised! This paper is an awesome weight, and has a great texture, too. The thing I liked most, though, was that you can turn it over and get a smooth side for stamping. Perfect!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1, 2, 3...Blow!

OK, cute story. So, the kids are out on the playground and they are doing what they are not supposed to---they are purposely trying to get the ball stuck in the tree. Congrats to them...they did it. Now the problem becomes- how to get it back down? So they are standing around, holding a big meeting, weighing all the options. Pretty soon, one of them tries to grab a tree limb and pull it down- which is against the rules. Anne: "NO. You can't break a rule, even if you have a good reason." More discussion. One of them gets a stick...also against the rules. Anne: "No. You may not break the rules, even if you have a good reason." At this point, I get a bit distracted. The next time I look over, they are all lined up, under this ball, pointing their little bodies at the ball. And, I hear...."ok, 1,2, 3....BLOW!!!" Color me shocked when that didn't work!

This was a layout I made for the Sping into Summer Event at Scrapbook News and Review. this was an awesome day of events, classes, challenges, prozes and more. This layout featured Paper and Chipboard from one of our sponsors: Cosmo Cricket.