Sunday, June 21, 2009

Scrapping Cents

Anyone still out there- or have you all given up on me? I woud understand- I have been a baaaadddddd blogger! But, I have been very busy- and I can now tell you why. It's your tip this week, too- ready?

How would you like to go to a completely free stamping convention? We are talking completely free, top notch workshops, incredible manufacturers, prizes, ideas, ton- and I mean TONS of eye candy...and a chance to be seen by the manufacturers, too?! I am dead serious- and the travel and airfare is free, too- cause it's virtual, lol! That's right- SNR is hosting it's first Summer Stamping Wrokshop- and it is going to be IN-CRED-I-BLE!! I am not kidding- I know the plans, and I am bouncing excited.

OK- here's what you need to do- keep an eye here...I am going to get you a supply list and class schedule in the next couple of days. And then- plan to be at SNR next Saturday afternoon. Send the Hubby and the kiddos to the movie- the new Ice Age is out- they'll love it. It is going to be one truly awesome day!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Scrapping Cents

I love making cards- it is such a great way to use up your scraps...and a mini piece of creativity, too. Today I came across a free template for the cutest flower pot card. Well, I had to show it to you!!

Printable Template

Here's a tutorial for this card: Flower Pot Card

Have fun!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the decorations, the carols, the gifts...and of course the meaning! Care's favorite holiday is Easter. She gets so excited every year...and for her it is all about the meaning. This is a child of God who is thankful for Grace!!

This year, I decided she needed an Easter decoration. She was thrilled...yeah, ok- one of the reasons she loves Easter is that there are no decorations. But, she did like this one, so I was happy.

This features the new Blossoms and Blooms line from My Minds Eye. I love the colors in that one.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My sister has a servant's heart...she always has. One day, I started coming downstairs in the morning, to find everything I needed to make my breakfast right there by the microwave. All portioned out, all ready to put together. It's a little thing- but it is her way of saying I love you. Since I made this layout, that has changed. Now, she brings is- all cooked- on a tray up to me, every morning. You see, she read that for the body to work best, and process calories best, you should have a certain amount of time between meals. So she is helping me with that. I spoiled? Oh yeah!!

This one used all Basic that Bittersweet Collection!