Friday, December 26, 2008


I took this picture on a walk with the kids...and it just reminded me so much of the verse that talks of 'if a seed dies, it produces many'.

This features the incredible Beautiful Life line from Bo Bunny. I adore this line!! Got it when it first came out, and couldn't wait to use it!! Remember to get the die cut sheet when you order...these are just so pretty!!

Oh- and this layout was a collaboration. See the torn edge on the top? My cat decided it needed a little something, and added that torn edge. My cat got yelled at! But, between you and me- I think he was right. Don't tell, though...he'll get ideas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I had to share this- it is amazing! I love Casting Crowns- they are one of my favorite groups. So, when I heard this song, I fell in love!! Hope this helps remind you of the Reason!!

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Scrapping Cents

Here's a really quick post for a busy holiday week. Have presents to wrap? Come on- you know you do...and if you are done- I so do NOT want to here about it! Show-offs, lol! Anyway...if you have presents, you need labels. Well, Cindylouh has put together a GREAT list of free tag downloads!! Take a look!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Looking for some New Year Mojo?

Scrap in the New Year
Scrapbook Express VS Memories From The Attic

If YOU are any or all of these: an avid scrapper, love to share your unique creations, love to chat on the message board and encourage others with praise, then Scrap in the New Year is just the contest for you! Not only will you be playing as an individual, you are playing towards bragging rights for your favorite site! Regardless of whether you are on the winning site, 5 players will win prizes!

Contest starts January 1, 2009 but contest activities are taking place right now! Please join us for a good time and get ready to scrap away the month of January!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scrapping Cents

This is the most incredible...brilliant idea. I saw it, I had to share!! I found it on Jennifer McGuire's blog. It was sent in from Jess:

Great tip on clear stamp storage:"I'm not an organizing guru but...I also store my clear stamps in a binder just like yours. I can't afford to go out and buy page protectors that have different sized inner compartments. I made mine with the sewing machine. I sew a zizag stitch either splitting the plain old 8 1/2 X 11 page protector in 1/2 or in 1/4. Then I use a pair of sharp scissors to open up the lower compartments. It works great." - Jess

Doing this, you could also modify sheets to store your manual dies- like qk and Cuttlebug. You could make your own sticker and Chipboard storage. You could even make a customized sheet set for your journal spots! I LOVE it!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

You are invited!!!!

You’re invited to our Playtime at the Pole All-Day Christmas Crop as we celebrate Christmas with a full day of fun. This Saturday, December 13, 2008, we’ll be headed to the Pole . . . the North Pole, that is.

We have a full day of activities planned, including plenty of games, challenges, fun and a whole lot of prizes! We’ll be spending the day helping Santa and all his elves prepare for Christmas and we’ll have a great time doing it, too. So make plans to join us this Saturday, December 13, 2008 in the Scrapbook News & Review Forums. It’s going to be a great day!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Acrylic Frame

Ready for a really simple project? And this one is really fun, too!! I took a simple piece of acrylic from HL, and stamped snowflakes all over it in Stayzon White. Then I glittered the heck out of it...all the edges have glue literally poured on and running down the sides...then glitter over that. Then, I pieced a very simple felt snowman...too cute!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Noel Wall Hanging

Still in the Christmas mood, here. And, still loving that BG Wassail!! I Tell you, my Christmas decorations are a walk though BG's Christmas inventory, lol!! They are just my favorites.

This wall hanging is a combination of a noel letter set from Plaid, and an old picture I had laying around. I decorated the inside of the frame. Then, I Modged each letter, and added goodies to the. A little hot glue, and voila!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Scrapping Cents

This Scrapping Cents is a HUGE bargain!! Did you know that the newest issue of Scrapbook News and Review is up and ready for you to enjoy?! Did you know that this is a special DOUBLE issue? Did you know that this is STILL 4.99?!!!!! That is a double issue for the same low single issue price. And- unlike paper mags- or even the other online ezines- we offer you access to everything we have ever published! That means for one low price- 4.99- you get one month of SNR- all 8 issues! Now, come on...that is a HECK of a DEAL!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Rest of the Story...

This post is a hodge podge...all the rest of the tree I wanted to show you. Hang on, here we go!!

Silhouette Ornaments:

Well, I had to use my new toys, lol! So, I broke out the Silhouette and started cutting Christmas images. Then, I used my new Janome Sew Mini..and added a great zig zag border. There are 6 of these ornaments, so far...some with words, some with manger/advent scenes. The scenes didn't photo as well- so I'm showing you a couple of the words..


Star Ornaments:

This is the star ornament I showed you a week or so ago...thought you might want to see it on the tree. BTW- I did do a couple with the Wassail- and they look awesome!!


Tree Topper:

Showed you this last year...but I seriously overhauled it. What do you think?


So, thats it...thats the tree. Hope you've enjoyed your peek! I'll show you the whole thing put together, one more time:


BTW- the garland was cut with my Silhouette- it is a repeating message of Jesus Loves Me- with nativity scenes interspersed. It is the true REASON for the season, right?!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Advent Ornaments

We have our Advent Countdown on our the form of ornaments. I showed you these, last year...but they got a major sprucing up, so I thought I would show you again, this year.

Each ornament is a pocket, and inside is a tag. We have chosen to write of favorite Scripture verses on these...but they could easily include the Christmas story...or even treasured family memories.

Here's another in the background of this picture:


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wooden Ornaments

I picked up this set at M's for like a dollar an ornament. I love them! Simple Modge Podge and embellishments make these treasures on my tree. I know all the craft stores have these in different shapes...I got 2 each of stars, birds, birdhouses, bells, trees, and hearts.

Here's a bell:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family Ornaments

This whole tree started by wanting to display our family memories on the tree. I had the idea to collect the pictures from Christmas' past and display them every year as part of our living history. So, every year, pictures are taken, ornaments are made...and memories are enjoyed! Fun!! This ornament is new this year...the picture was last Christmas Eve. I love the velvet ribbon, and the BG Wassail--I have a thing for velvet...and Basic Grey, lol!!

Here's another peek at last the zig zag stitch- my new Janome Sew Mini, hehehe...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Coaster Ornament

Welcome to Day 2 of "I Altered My Christmas Tree". Ready for our first ornament? This is a coaster ornament that I made...found the chipboard coasters at M's on sale. I think the pack was 50 cents or something. Here are the steps:

1. Trace shape unto paper, use scissors and cut. Adhere to coaster using Modge Podge. Do not apply top coat, yet.

2. Once dry, use your files to smooth the edges. Now is the time to add any ink or distressing to the edges that you want. Now, add the top layer of Modge podge.

3. Now, you can add the top embellishments. I handmade this flower, by tracing a silk poinsettia. Tip: Fold and curl the edges of your paper to add dimension and life to anything like this! The Joy plaque is a wonderful journaling stamp from Apple Blossom this set. Just look at all the fun uses!

4. Hole was punched using my crop o dile...if you don't have one, this is actually on sale TODAY at Scrapbook Express!! Run on over and snag one!

Here's a look at the other I made:


Monday, December 1, 2008

I altered my Christmas Tree- Year 2

Some of you might remember that last year, I decided to alter my Christmas tree. Well, ok- not the actual tree, itself. But, I handmade everything- and I mean ev-er-y-th-ing on it. All of the ornaments, the garland...even the tree topper.

Well, this year I have added to it, revised it, updated it...and it is time to share!! So, welcome to this year's version. I will show you a peak today, then everyday this week, I will show you a specific part. This will be a week filled with fun ideas, tips, tricks, a tutorial, pretties...and maybe a few things you want to try yourself. Be sure to keep stopping by!

So, here's your peek for today:

And, here's a tease for the rest of the week: