Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1, 2, 3...Blow!

OK, cute story. So, the kids are out on the playground and they are doing what they are not supposed to---they are purposely trying to get the ball stuck in the tree. Congrats to them...they did it. Now the problem becomes- how to get it back down? So they are standing around, holding a big meeting, weighing all the options. Pretty soon, one of them tries to grab a tree limb and pull it down- which is against the rules. Anne: "NO. You can't break a rule, even if you have a good reason." More discussion. One of them gets a stick...also against the rules. Anne: "No. You may not break the rules, even if you have a good reason." At this point, I get a bit distracted. The next time I look over, they are all lined up, under this ball, pointing their little bodies at the ball. And, I hear...."ok, 1,2, 3....BLOW!!!" Color me shocked when that didn't work!

This was a layout I made for the Sping into Summer Event at Scrapbook News and Review. this was an awesome day of events, classes, challenges, prozes and more. This layout featured Paper and Chipboard from one of our sponsors: Cosmo Cricket.

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