Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scrapping Cents

So, I had the most wonderful Friday!! My Fedex guy delivered the best package- I swear, if I had known what was in it, I think I would have kissed him. Lucky him, lol! My wonderful boss at Scrapbook Express sent each of her DT girls a brand spankin' new QK Silhouette!! Can you believe it?! I LOVE that woman!! If you don't have one of these bad boys, you really should check it out! They are having a deal right now- WOW!!

Anyway, that means your tips, this week are going to be cutter related. There are so many ways to save money with these darlings!! Here:

1. To sharpen blades: Several cuts through heavy duty aluminum foil.

2. You can make your own mats- and it is easy! Thin, but rigid vinyl- I use the cutting sheets you get at the dollar store, and repositionable spray adhesive. It's that simple!

3. Simulate chipboard by making the same cut several times- I keep the 5oo sheet pkgs of office quality cardstock for this (and, yes, it IS acid free)- and stack them. Put your pp on top- instant chipboard.

Here are some sites for great shapes and downloads:

1. This is a favorite of mine!

2. This isn't free...but they are stunning!!

3. Free- and very nice!!

4. Free- and a huge library!!

And, here is a list of QK font matches for download:

Hope this all helps!! Have fun!!


Scrapper Mom said...

Oh my...what a nice blessing!!!

Melinda said...

Thanks! I'm always interested in free gsd files!

mhefner (scrapjazz)

Kimberkv said...

You should also check out QK's blog. They have free downloads there as well. Some really nice snowflakes were on it a few months ago.