Friday, November 30, 2007

Tree Topper

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Well, here we are at Friday, and the end of my tree. Thanks to everyone who had commented- your words have truly been appreciated. It has been wonderful to hear about your trees and traditions, as well!

OK, every tree needs a topper, and here is mine. This was a simple rusty star topper from Joann's...but, of course, I needed to play with it! So, I decopauged it with my BG papers, making sure to leave a bit of the wonderful rusty metal showing for a border. Cutting out for all those holes wasn't easy- but well worth the look! Then, I added glitter towards the end. Just a little to catch the light. Tree's gotta bling, right?

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Sawyer's Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful tree. It is gorgeous. You can tell a lot of love went into it.