Thursday, May 7, 2009

Whoooo's 2?

OK, I admit it--I am in love with this cute owl paper from American Crafts. Yes, you have seen it in a few other things- but, dang! It's just too cute. My other new love affair? Glossy Accents. Seriously. This suff is great- for this card, I covered the 2 in it. And, see those cute little brown brads? Nope- they are little hole punched circles from brown cardstock, and a drop of glossy accents on top. Voila- and, you really would think they are brads in person, too. Did you know that GA makes an excellent glue, too. My handle came off my wood handle sponge ink applicator. :-( 2 drops of GA, it was set in like 5 minutes! Lumpy stuff for you layouts? GA, baby! Yeah, I know... I am starting to sound like an infomercial...I'll stop. But, I did tell you I loved the stuff, lol!!

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