Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scrapping Cents

Want to hear my Scrapping Cents Tip for this week? I actually have two for you...not sure either of them is profound. But, I'll share them anyway. Here goes...


Garage Sales ROCK for organizational equipment!! No kidding...people have bought them by the droves, gotten frustrated with them, and are selling them for a buck or 2 a piece. Get out there--I ahve never come home empty handed. Now, I am not just talking drawer dividers and containers- I mean shelves and white particle board units. Yeahm you know- the rubber made ones that you spend 15-40$ a piece on at WM. Think vertical...A 3' shelf, stacked with a shoe thing on top...or any combination. Once you marry them together, these look like furniture. I'm telling you...


The old Cassette tape holders...the ones that were made to put your cassette tapes into...these things are perfect for ribbons on the roll. Each slot hold one spool of ribbon. And, they come in wall units, vertical towers, etc, etc... Best part? People are giving them away! I mean- who uses cassettes anymore, right?

Hope these ideas help!!

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