Monday, July 28, 2008

Scrapping Cents

Today I have a cool web resource to share with you. This one I found...and cannot figure out how I ever lived without it!! Now, if you are like me, you bounce around from blog to blog and gallery to gallery. Great way to gather ideas and inspiration, right? And, each gallery has a my favorites area, so when I am stuck, I pick a gallery and hit my favorites. Except the one I am looking for is not in that to the second gallery. After a while, this can get frustrating. What if there were a way to put all your favorites, from every source on the web, in ONE gallery? Too cool, right?! Introducing Evernote. This sucker is awesome!! You can set up folders (I have folders for layouts, cards, altered art, organization ideas, etc) and tags (black and white photos, single photo, multi photos, well embellished, etc). So organizing and sorting is a snap. And, because it is web based, you can access it from any at work, recall them at home! How cool is that?!! And, did I mention it is free---wouldn't be saving your Scrapping Cents if it weren't!


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