Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scrapping Cents

Sorry, I'm a little late with this one...but with the magazine publishing this weekend, it was a bit hectic. Totally worth it, though!! This magazine is incredible--- the card section alone has 6 complete articles--- and there are 4 articles in the altered art/mini album sections! We have several product reviews, tips and tricks everywhere...just more content then you can imagine!! I swear, I get more excited about this magazine every month, but with the awesome talent on staff- and the incredible reader submissions- it just keeps getting better and better!!

Anyway- your Scrapping Cents this week deals with using your scanner/printer to save money. I have a few ideas on how to get more bang for your buck... Use your scanner to scan your patterned paper. Papers with bold graphic designs, like flowers and butterflies are great for cutting out and adding the pieces to layouts....but if you scan and print, you can cut out the scan and save the paper. Or, you might choose to use the scanned image with a pop dot to add dimension.
You can also use your scanner to scan in paper and resize in your graphics program...now you can make your own journaling spots. Scan your ribbon, print and cut the paper for a flatter 3-d look...would work really well for cards. Scan in decorative brads/buttons, cut and use in place of the real thing on cards, and save some extra postage, too.

ETA: Maggie left a comment and reminded me of copyright laws. I am so sorry- I had overlooked this- I very much believe not only in copyright laws, but following all laws! I have removed the suggestion I think would break copyright...but if you have any doubts- don't! Sorry, again...just got excited about an idea.

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Maggie said...

Love most of the ideas here, but scanning is a little tricky...especially cards and paper. Nasty copyright issues with that to feel guilty about!