Monday, October 15, 2007

Spontaneous Joy

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I wanted to share one of my favorite LO's of late. I don't know about you- but each new LO usually becomes my favorite, lol. Fickle, I guess. But, this was one I did for the Design Team tryouts over at Faithsisters, and it has remained on my short list of favorites. Here's the journaling:

For David, joy came in the morning...for me it was the evening.

I have wanted to photo a Balloon Festival for years...imagine my wonderful suprise, when driving down the road one evening, we happened upon one. I swear, I was giddy. Carrie and I raced home, got the camera, and raced back as fast as the speed limit would allow...all the while hoping to see just one balloon launch. I saw 3 and found out there would be a Glow that evening, and a sunrise launch the next morning.

I am convinced this was a gift- God just loves to suprise us with those. I am equally convinced, the Father enjoyed watching this child enjoy His gift. Cause, OH! I did!

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A-M said...

What a lovely layout and great journalling. Our God not only answers our prayers - He answers our thoughts. This has happened lots for me too and it is so exciting.