Monday, October 15, 2007


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Have you heard about the latest thing in Scrapbooking? We're always looking for the latest trends, right? Well, this isn't a trend- but a whole style movement: Faithbooking. Never heard of it? Neither had I a month ago! But, now I am hooked, and can't imagine going back!

Imagine putting your faith- a testimony to the way Jesus is working in your life and family- into the hands of your children, family, friends...or anyone else that looks at your scrapbook! How? Instead of just scrapping events, scrap the way God is moving in the events, or what God has taught you through the events. Instead of just scrapping what and where- start thinking about why. Faithbooking is this and more!

I would encourage all of you to head on over to What a wonderful group of women! Such great challenges, that will help you to start and build your faithbook. Come on over- ya know you want to!

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