Sunday, October 19, 2008

Scrapping Cents

This week, our Scrapping Cents is going to deal with Fonts. If you have an electronic die cutter, fonts are invaluable. But, Even if you do not, fonts can be a great asset to a scrapbooker. Whether you use them for printing journaling, printing dingbats to use as embellishments, making your own rub ons, or to print a title- fonts are a huge weapon in our arsenol!!

This week, I want to introduce you to 2 font managers- both free. Nexus Font is a slick application that lets you view, compare, install, uninstall and even create favorite lists for every font on your system. Font Thing does many of the same things- but it also allows you to load the font for one time reboot the system, and the font is automatically uninstalled. Now, why do you care? A couple of reasons...first, every font you install uses system memory. This means if you have a lot of fonts installed, your system will slow down, and performance will degrade. Also, if you have hundreds of fonts, like I do, sifting through them to find the exact font I want can take forever! A font manager lets you organize them into catagories- like titles, script, dingbats, etc.

Oh, and now that you have a great font manager, I thought you might want a great site for free fonts: check out DaFont. It Rocks!!

Scrapping Cents Sightings:

I have seen some reports of awesome clearance prices at T' might want to check it out!

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