Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Journey

Used the stunning Basic Grey Scarlett's Letter collection for this...I just love this collection, such depth and detail to this paper!!

When I started this diet, it was just that- a diet. A temporary thing to loose a
few pounds. It always had as the primary goal to lose as many pounds as my
body would allow me. I knew that would probably not mean ending up buff.
It quickly developed into more than a diet, though. I realized that in order to do
anything of value, I was going to have to let Jesus guide me. It became a journey.
I learned that the changes would have to be life long and come of a desire to please
Him. I learned that Jesus is my strength in all thing-this too. I was taught that
self control is not gift of the Holy Spirit, but a fruit- for all who claim to be
Christians to wield. Through the process, I grew so much closer to my Lord.

Somewhere along the road, I lost sight, though. I forgot the goal, and substituted
another...the perfect dress size. So, when the end of my weight loss came—I was
actually disappointed. I had lost 120 pounds, and all I could ask was- is this it?
I looked in the mirror and saw what Satan wanted me to see. I had to be
reminded...reminded of the goal. I HAD lost every pound my body would allow.
More importantly, I had to be reminded of the Lesson. I had to be reminded
that it was never about the destination. It was always about the Journey...
and Who I allowed to lead it! And what I allowed Him to teach me along the way.

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Scrapper Mom said...

That is a beautiful picture of you and of course that Scarlet Letter paper is perfect :) Beautiful design and journaling!