Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scrapping Cents

So, let's talk about your die cutter. You bought it, no doubt, with the idea of making your own embellishments and saving some money. So, let's get creative and really save some money. You know that your Cuttlebug and Revolution will cut thin you are already saving and using things like cereal boxes, right? Did you know they will also cut acetate? So, save your clamshells from your purchases- and you can cut your won ghost shapes. The embossing folders also emboss the plastic- for a great look!! And, alcohol inks add color. Felt and fun foam can also be cut with your machines. And, think of the fun of cutting and embossing thin metal sheets. So many possibilities...don't forget to keep a look out for fun things to cut and emboss in your machine!!


DawnInAz said...

I don't think clamshells are acid free.

Jackie said...

Some die cutters can also cut thin fabric!

Carrie Egg said...

What are the "clamshells" that you are referring to??? I am sooooooo interested!!!